Meet the ExecuCorg Team


Ms. Maki Boo @Corginista

Chief ExecuNoms Officer, Founder

I was made in: OklaCorgma

Sign: Capricorn

Favorite Expressions: Disapproval Face and crazy nom eyes

Drool worthy noms: Sardines and broccoli

I will never be seen without: Some sort of fashion statement...usually bandanas and tutus.

Secret talent: I can hear and smell treat bags being opened from super far away


Mr. Bailey Bear @orangecorgi

Chief OpDerpations Officer, Founder

I was made in: Corgifornia

Sign: Aquarius

Favorite Activity: Swimming and rolling around in sand.

Drool worthy noms: Meat (any kind!) and frozen peas.

Never leave home without: My trusty squeaker ball, water bottle, and my bark.

Secret talent: Sniffs out sandwiches and catches treats with my nose.  I'm known as "The Sheriff."


Mr. Cote @mylemoncorgi

Chief MomoBarketing Officer, Founder

I was made in: Corgifornia

Sign: Pisces

Favorite thing to do: Chase bubbles and mysterious red dots that magically appear.

Drool worthy noms: Filet mignon prepared perfectly from my in-house chef "Le NuWave."

Never leave home without: 3 Kong squeaky balls, a chuck-it, water bottle, lucky leash, and a whole bunch of poop bags. I'm a Master Poop Machine.

Secret talent: I can catch kibble from across the room and hide treats that NO ONE can find.


Ms. Buttons @dailydoseofbuttonscorgi

Chief Frapnancial Officer

I was made in: Corgifornia

Sign: Aquarius

Favorite thing to do: Lay by the water fountain to have a drink.  Frapping requires serious hydration!

Drool worthy noms: Scrambled eggs and kibble.

I will never be seen without: My flower collar

Secret talent: Herding extraordinaire.  I herd turkeys and my hoomins on a regular basis.

Mr. Bubba Bruster @bubbabruster

CorgMan of the Board

I was made in: Hotlanta

Sign: Libra

Favorite thing to do: Melt in your arms.  Hey girl hey…

Drool worthy noms: Currently on low cal diet.

I will never be seen without: My swagger

Secret talent: Puppy eyes

Mr. Gryffindor aka Gryffin @Gryffincorg

Head of CrEATive and Dogsign

I was made in: Corgifornia

Sign: Aquarius

Favorite thing to do: Reserving the best spots on the sofa for myself and long walks on the beach.

Drool worthy noms: Cheese!!

I will never be seen without: My Mahm - I have to follow her like a very short shadow.

Secret talent: Workin' the meerkat / sit pretty pose for the ladies.